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Freelance Programmers was established in 1962 by Stephanie "Steve" Shirley. Two years after founding Freelance Programmers, Steve Shirley incorporated the company as Freelance Programmers Limited.

In 1974 it became F International; the 'F' standing originally for Freelance but increasingly for Flexible and Free, too. By the late 1970s Steve Shirley had recognised that, as founder entrepreneur, it was time to let go and in 1987, with Hilary Cropper's appointment as CEO, was able to bow out.

F International became F.I.Group in 1988, and in 1991 Steve Shirley sold a controlling interest in FI to the workforce. In March 1996 FI was floated on the London Stock Exchange.

Between 1997 and 2000 FI acquired IIS Infotech Limited, an Indian computer services company based in New Delhi; OSI - a London based business consulting and management support services company, and Reading-based IT consultancy company Druid.

In April 2001 the company's name was changed to Xansa.
Xansa plc trading as Xansa is a British outsourcing and technology company, quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Its headquarters is in Reading, Berkshire, England, and it has a major presence in India



there are only 50 questions & u have to solve them in 50 min.
there were 3 sections no sectional cut off.neg.marking

Section 1 - operating system & computer architecture
there were 10 question normal which is not the component of ALU &control unit.

Section 2 - Quantitative
there were 20 ques: 3 ques from clock 2 from speed one from avg. etc

Section 3 - C language
There were 20 ques all from pointers u have to give out put of that & find out the errors.

cutoff was 50% for written.

18th MARCH ,2007

Written exam: It consists of 45 ques. In 30 mins, time plays vital role. All aptitude questions like Series completion, age based, 2 paragraphs based questions, work based, 1 critical reasoning ques, analytical fig. based question eg. Find out odd fig from given figs. or find next coming fig.

Online Tech.: 20 ques. In 20 mins, based on choice from C, C++, .NET, JAVA etc.
I have given in C, questions are mostly based on pointers with array, and one question is from
class, one from structures.

Technical interview : They basically look for attitude and soft skills, be confident while answering. Prepare ur projects well. They ask only basic quest. From all the subjects u mention in your resume.So better mention only one or two lang. in which u feel u r gud. Some general HR questions also asked.

HR : It was lil bit HR and more technical. They have asked basics of almost all the subjects from ur curriculum. I thought they are not luking 4 ur technical skills but for ur confidence and ur soft skills.


Section 1 - Quantitative

1. Sum of three nos is 98. The ratio between 1 and 2 is 2:3. The ratio between 2 and 3 is 5:8 .
Find the second no?

2. A car travels uphill at 30 km/hr and downhill at 60 km/hr. It goes 100 km uphill and 50 km
downhill. Find the average speed of the car?

3. A batsman's avg in 12 innings is 24.00 . If his avg is to be double of the no of innings (15
innnings), what
should he score in the remaining three innings (avg)?

4. A man buys 1kg of sandalwood and 1kg of teakwood. He sells one for 10% profit and other for
10% loss.
What is total profit/loss percentage?

5. In a class of 250 students, on JAN 2 15% of the girls and 10% of the boys are absent. If on
100% attendance
there are 10 boys. Find the percentage present?

6. Mandrake has to choose from 4 from 10 people. There are 3 girls, 5 boys , 2 children. What is
total probability that he will choose 1G , 2B , 1C?

7. Some questions on Geometry?

8. Some questions on Measurements?

9 Some questions on permutation and combination.

Section 2 - Ananlytical

1. Cities A - M are connected.Distance between any two cities is 1mile.

They gave which city connects which city.
Q's based on these data.

2. One pblm on DI.
Gulshan Kumar and Rakesh Roshan take a film. If they take a art film it's 25 lacs or a multi
starrer it's 75 lacs.
They spend 28% on clothing ,11% on lighting.Actor fee 22% for Multi
starrer or 10 lacs for art film.
Based on these data some questions were asked.

Section 3 - Verbal

General GRE type q's.
Analogies,Reading Comprehension.

Section 4 - Visual reasoning.

Some figures were given and told to fill up the blanks.


The tech interview was a breeze.

1. Tell me abt urself
2. Some questions on my project.
3. Q's from subjects studied in past semesters.

He actually told me to write 4 important subjects in each semester and asked q's from them.

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