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There were 2 rounds:-

1) Written test

The test consisted of 2 sections n was for 1 hour

i) Logical reasoning (25 questions cut off 13):
Questions were like find the odd word,puzzles,blood relations,series of symbols, logical deductions like syllogism.

ii)English section(15 questions cut off 8):-

small passage will be given n we need to select a sentence to represent d meaning of the passage. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words. find the grammatical error in the sentence.

Out of 2,500 students 96 cleared the written test.

2)tech n hr interview :-

it was held the next day i.e. 29 april.

there were 2 people interviewing each candidate

the questions were quite simple

1)tell me abt urself

2)which is ur fav subject

3)diff between c n c++

4)what is data structures

5)what do u know in dbms

6)what is sql

7)what r pointers

8)diff b/w main mem n auxiliary mem

9)what search engines do u use

10)are u aware of any new innovations in software field

11)do u have any questions for us

out of 96 students 30 were placed.

The main thing is to be positive n confident.

They are looking for people who know c and have good communication skill.


Eligibility Criteria

55% in 10th and 12th
55% in till now in semesters.

Written test
The placement paper consists of 2 sections :-
1.Reasoning 25 questions (cuttoff-13)
2. Verbal 15 questions (cutt off-8)
Cut off already mentioned in the question papers. Paper is continuous .Common answer sheet 5 options.

The first 5 questions were to pick up the odd one out
3 of then was a)Wheat b)Barley c)Gram d)rie e) pulses Ans (d)
a)pouch b)stall c)...sth like that I mark b) stall as answer.
If u want to go through Barrons u can but they change questions.

The next set of quetions were based on the string like L4$E5@RA6%TH!7 sth like that not exact questions like of digits followed by symbols was which is the 7 position right to the left of the string sth like that.
3.which is the last if we select from first then last ,second then second last

this type of questions were easy do practice it One question which repeated was of T-shirt of Sourav ,Sachin Sehwag,Rahul 3 conditions were given pretty easy u can do it.
5 questions were of syllolism like all cats are dog all dogs are cow
u have select the best possible sequence.a)BDE b)CDE c)ACE practice this type of questions.

This section is easy if u r thorough with ur grammar fill in the words in the passage Duration : 1Hr

Don't stuck to one sections do both the sections precisely otheriwse u will run out of time.

After the test they shown us the ppt .It was nice.

test started at 11:15 result of wirtten declared at 3.30pm 2000(approx) appeared for the test out of which 100(approx) clear the test.2 batches were there for the written round.

Then we assemble at the audi they gave us Biodata form we have to fill it and attach with our cv,grade sheet photocopy, and submit it.Do keep atleast 3 copies of your marksheets(attested), cv otherwise they will make u run at the time of Interview. Also verification of marksheet is done.

Interview Our Interview round started at around 7.00pm
The interview round consisted of 2 phases the TI and the HR .All the students who passed there written will have to give both TI as well as HR. Girls are given preference .Since I was in the 1st batch I had both on the same day.35 students were halted for the Inter rest for the next day.

My interview started at around 9.50pm . I entered the room. The panel consist of 1 person .

Sir- Breif yourself.
me- blabla

Sir-Tell me about ppt.
Me- explained everything nicely (as I mentioned abt my ppt in my intro)

Sir-Do u know coding.
Me- Yes Sir

then he gave me 2 question of (SQL) like we r having 2 table and he asked me to join both of then I explained
another was pretty difficult but I manage to explain him abt the method to access.

Sir: ok u may leave
ME- Thank u Sir & left.

Other panel asked simple questions like fibonacci,factorial,prime no if u dont know be confident
They r mainly looking for C people so they r checking with simple prg for other branch.

HR round
she just asked me abt myself
asked me to explain my strong pts with real life examples which I nicely did They r mainly looking for people having good communication skills
My both the Interview held for about 10-20 mins each.


eligibilty criteria:

55% till last sem.
55% in 10th and 12th.

Written Test:
two sections. (no mathematics)
1: logical section (25 question) cut off 13
2: English section (15 question) cut off 8

cut off was already written on the answer sheet.
logical sections had question like a series of symbols,alphabets and numbers where u have to answer in-accordance. then question on odd man out. other quetions were like in a place yes is said no and no is said may be,........ then few questions where asked on it.
English section was quite easy. u just have to use us daily life vocab. and simple grammar. question where on simple comprehension passage and fill in the blanks.

from 1200(apprx) students 159 cleared the written test.
Then all the qualified people were asked to assemble in the hall. A form was distributed among us, and we need to fill it. the form required our us to fill our information - personal and educational. the announcement was made that the interview will be conducted next day.

we were called at 9:30 sharp and there were four pannels some had two people and some had only one. students were alloted pannel rondomly. my turn for interview came at around 3:15 p.m. and lasted for 45 min.

i entered the room, only one lady was sitting there i wish her and stood next to the chair. she asked me to sit. then she asked me to tell about myself . then she asked bout my family background. the she asked bout my marks. then she asked me bout my strengths. she was quite impressed wid my answers.
then she asked me a question that tell the transmission of signal from one mobile to another and also tell the different form of signal wave used in it. then she asked me to tell her my subject on wiz i had command. i told her data structure and microprocessor. she asked me output of few programs and many other question from c, c++ and data structure and in the last she wanted me to ask any questions from her.
i asked her couple of sensible question.

the only thing they were looking in a person was comm. skill. and how the person reacts on different questions and atlast i got selected.
out of 159 - 55 students were selected.


I will be explaining the paper details now.......first of all, the pattern was like this

There r two section Reasoning & Verbal total 40 marks
Reasoning --25 verbal--- 15
CUTOFF --13 --- 8

Note: The paper was little bit tougher than the other comp….if the competition will more they’ll extend the cutoff in the last……BUT MOST IMP THING IS THAT IF U HAVE GOOD PERCENTAGE IN 10TH ,12TH AND IN ENGG (CGPA) U WILL GET THE BETTER ADVANTAGE THAN OTHER. Because most of my friend also cleared the apti test but they were not short listed due to the less %age in 10th ,12th & in engg…But I was the university 2nd topper and I have good %age in 10th and 12th and in engg (80,79,70) I was being short listed for interview…

There are mainly two interviews first is TI and another is HR.
The TI is little bit tougher than HR….if u have cleared Ur TI by full confidence….ur chances for selections will Inc...Friendssssss be cool & confident at the time of interview….and before going to the interview don’t forget to take Xerox of each and every mark sheet and two passport photo….otherwise they give u tension at the main time of interview…

Technical interview:
Please may I get in sir….
sir: yes please……
sir: good afternoon vaibhav…
me : good afternoon sir
Sir: tell me about Ur self…..
me: I have told each and every thing about me .(when I told I m a university topper he impressed)
Sir: suppose u r on mars and u want to send Ur letter to Ur College…so what will be the postal add….
me: kdk college of engg….nandanwan…nagpur ….maharashtra….India….asia…
sir: impressed (hmm)
Sir: do u know any thing about data structure….
me : yes sir
tell the definition of data stu….
me: told(perfectly)
Sir: can u write a program for link list.
Me: ya why not…
me:wrriten the program for link list(creation)…
sir: wonderful……
Sir: why do we require the data struc…?
Me: told him (by giving the example of link list… (Extension of program can be possible at run time….)
Sir: good…..
Sir: can u write a program for Fibonacci series...
Me: why not sir…..
Me: written the program successfully ….
Sir: impressed... Do u know the perfect definition of OOP (object oriented programming)
Me: sorry sir ….I don’t know…
Sir: it’s ok….
Sir: can u tell me the feature….
Me: told every one….
Sir: why do we require the header file….
Me: coz…it contain the prototype of function whichever used in cout & cin...
Sir. Good…
Sir: can u create Ur own header file...
me: yes sir….(told him)
Sir: ok. ..Nice to meet u vaibhav (smile)…u can go now...
Thank u sir……

And finally he gave me the logical question I m unable to answer it. But sir is impressed with me...

Some of my friends were asked questions about normalization ,genralisation, function pointer, prime no program, factoral using recursion. big o nataion, complexity of prog , ……

1:tell me about Ur self
2.Why do u join syntel
3.Have u study the r.s aggrwal.
4what topics have u read it
5.How do u cleared our apti test..
6.What types of que are there.
7.Do u know the name of person who has taken Ur Ti.
8.Are u fast reader.
9.How many interview u have faced..
10.Why they reject u…
11.Do u prepare for now..
12. What steps will u take for improving Ur comm.. Skill.
13.If I’ll give u the 2 years bond will u sign it..

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