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the paper was a mix of toughness, time constraint and easy questions. To summarize it, it contained of two main sections:
1.The Aptitude section
2.The Technical section

there is sectional cut off of 60% in each of the two sections..

Now talking about the sub sections of the paper:

The Aptitude part consisted of 4 subsections.
The Technical part also consisted of 4 subsections.

Now ellaborating the paper, first it is a long brain and computer adaptation exercise, of nearly four hours.
Aptitude Section:
Ist Section: 18Qs in Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation questions in 30 mins. This is a easy section u can easily do it, there is enough amount of time.

IInd Section: 16Qs in Quantitative Ability in 25 minutes, again a simple section
IIIrd Section: 25 Qs. in 20 minutes it is about pattern matching.
IVth Section: 60 Qs. in 6 minutes, there is negative marking, here u get a question which has some text and u have to select the same text among the 4 options. speed is tested here in this fourth section, but a person can attempt about 30 to 40 questions depending on his/her speed.
NOTE: All the above sections are explained with good examples before u start the test so be cool and patient and read these options with ease and u can crack this section.

Techincal Section: This section also has four subsections as follows:
Ist Section: This section is the Amdocs pseudo language section, be cool the name is the only scary part in this section nothing else, remaining is easy with a lot of time, u get 60 minutes in this section for 25 questions, but before u start off this section it is advisable to read the booklet that is given along with this section before starting this section, i had forgotten to do this but i believe still managed to get all questions right, it is basically a section of algorithm.

IInd Section:This section tests u on SQL queries, some are very simple some are tough, u get 20 minutes in this section, ample time to solve all questions.
IIIrd Section:This is a section on UNIX language, basically on different types of commands and some theoretical concepts, it also has 20 minutes.
IVth Section: This section is a choice between any one of the languages which is your favourite among the four given languages C/C++/Java/Cobol. This is also a section of 20 minutes.
NOTE: All the technical subsections have a lot of time for them to be solved easily within the time limit, provided u know them. And in case there is only sectional cut offs then it is advisable to try to score the fullest or maximum in the first section(Amdocs pseudo language) Important: Mind u, u can take time off between sub sections of the main sections also so relax in between as well to keep your efficiency... In all the test is very long, it will take near to 4 hours to complete the full test, only advice is not to rush through the sections quickly as only once u click on the button next will the section start, so take some time off between sections get refreshed and then concentrate with full vigor in the sections.


I attended Amdocs technical test before three months. The test comprises of 5-6 sections and the there is sufficient separate time for each sections. The test is through there software
"pilate". I have seen that many of you need the Amdocs paper. I don't remember

any question but i will explain the pattern in detail.

Be cool, the cut off for this is 60% absolute in this test that is easy to achieve,

Different sections:

->> PROGRAMMING SECTION:time : 1 hour ( sufficient)
------------------------------ ----------------------------

For this you will be given a booklet of 5-10 pages that contains the basics of Amdocs derived language ...very similar to C... Please read
it carefully before start attempting this section ( there is some problem in the software , so the time get started as u click on this section). So please first read it then start the test , even examples.

There are 5-6 main questions.. they are like algorithm.. you have to understand what is to be done in the program and there are 4-5 sub questions for each main question. The sub question are of fill in the blanks type, some are for predicting the output etc.

->>LANGUAGE TEST : 20 que, 30 minutes
------------------------------ ---------------
In the beginning you have to select any programming language like C,C++,Java. I appeared for C and the questions are easy.
Time : more
than sufficient.

->> SQL /DATABASE TEST : 20 que: 30 min
------------------------------ --------------------------
Easy one SQL commands, 1 que on views, 1-2 questions are on basic database.

->> UNIX : 20 que, 30 minutes
------------------------------ -------------------
Easy, basic UNIX COMMAND... read yeswant kanitkar book.. starting 5 chepters..

4-5 questins on general things like on protocols,TELNET ect.

->>PATTERN MATCHING SECTION : 60 questions , 6 minutes.
------------------------------ ---------------------------

This is unique,easy and scoring part. But the time is very very less.. u have to be very fast. Generally one can attempt 20-30 que only.....
But this is very important to score good in this section..


for ( ;x + 5*y >800 ; ++i+++)
is similar to
1.for ( ;x - 5*y >800 ; ++i+++)
2.for ( ;x + 5*y >800 ; ++i++)
3.for ( ;x + 5*y >800 ; ++i+++) CORRECT
4.for ( ;x + 5*y >80; ++i+++)

See here all the options are looking similar. You don't need to apply any logic, any calculation... just find the same "pattern" ... its quite hard to attempt in fraction of seconds. Your main consern in this section should be ACCURACY and TIME.

Perhaps there is NO NEGATIVE marking, so before 1 minutes just mark all ( note that there is separate time for each section, so in 6
minutes, this section will go out)

->>APPTITUDE TEST 20 que, 30 minutes

------------------------------ ------------------------------ -----------------
The questions are quite good and need some practice. Time is main concern time and work
percentage and ration
profit and loss

->>NON VERBAL REASONING TEST 20 que, 30 minutes

------------------------------ ------------------------------ -----------------
Good questions, little tough, time is concern.
Practice some RS Aggarwal book.

questions are like...
- complete the sequence.. and 4 pictures are given in and the 5th one is to be chosen through the given options.

->>VERBAL REASONING TEST 20 que, 30 minutes

------------------------------ ------------------------------ -----------------
There are basically the questions of data sufficiency and questions based on venn diagrams... like

All A are B.
Some B are D.

then which is true

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