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There were near about 30 colleges appeared in the pool campus drive.Around 2500 students participated and finally only 100 students were selected.The selection procedure consists of three parts.

1.Aptitude test
2.Group discussion or extempore

The aptitude test was quite easy if you have already solved R.S Agarwal. All the questions were from the books of Agarwal.There were three sections in the aptitude part.

The 1st section was quantitative aptitude,
2nd was verbal-non verbal reasoning,
3rd part was ENGLISH.Each section consisted of 30 questions.

The only problem is that there were sectional cut-offs for each section.Total allotted time was 90 mins,with 90 questions.So you have to be quick. As far as I remember some of the quant. Questions were…….

1.A boat travels at 30k.m/hr upstream and 40 k.m/hr downstream.What is the speed of the boat in still water?
2.Man buys two articles for Rs. 1250/- each.One is sold at 16% loss.At what price must 2nd article be sold to gain 20% overall?
3.A man buys 12 pens out of which 2 are defective.If he chooses 4 pens from the lot what’s the probability that all 4 pens are non-defective?
5.What is the least number(among 4 options) that can be substracted from 6534 to obtain a perfect square?
6.Problem on ages
7.problem on Pie chart
8.Two taps A and B can fill up a tank in 15 mins.and 21 mins. respectivelyThey are opened together and after 4 mins A is closed.In how much
time B will fill up the remaining part?
9.If x^2-4x+7<=0 and x>=2 then x lies between i)0<=x<=1 ii)x<1>
10.A shadow of something(x) increases from 5 m.t to 50 m.t in 30 seconds.Then speed of x?
11.Determinant of a matrix. more problem on matrix. more problem on profit and loss.
14. If (7-x)/4+(x-2)/7=(9-3x)4 .Then x=?
Rest I don’t remember.

Refer to R.s Agarwal verbal and non-verbal reasoning book.All of the questions were from there.The important chapters are…..
i.puzzle test
ii.logic(remember by heart all the nine rules)
iii.venn diagram
iv.arithmatic reasoning
v.statement assumption
vi.statement conclusion
vii.analogy on numbers as well as on figures and numbers.
Viii.figure matrix.

If you have a general standard of English, that’s enough. You don’t have to practice too much for this section. But you can brush up your Grammatical knowledge from any book. Questions were from
i) synonym & antonym(2 each)
ii) fill in the blanks with preposition
iii) error correction
iv) replacement of a phrase by another in the option.
v) questions from some short passages
vi) questions from a very long passage. The students who cleared the written test were then taken into a hall for the extempore. We were told to speak on any subject of our liking for 2 mins. Careful, the topic must be such, that you have to give your opinion on that,rather than only describing it.The topics such as ‘My place’, ‘My parents’,’My hobbies’ etc. are not validI spoke on uthanasia or mercy-killing.The result of extempore was declared instantly.The selected candidates were then given a form to fill up and taken into another room for H.R which is not technical.The questions asked in the interview to me were….

1.are you comfortable sitting there?
2.what is so special about you that we should hire you?
3.questions on family
4.what are your strengths?
5.In which aspect you would like to improve upon?
6.Are you ready to be relocated?(I said yes.Then he said “then you will leave your parents alone”?
7.Do you have any backlogs?(I don’t have any)
8.Do you have any question?I asked about training and higher studies.


total number f students 2000,written was cleared by 400 students.
gd by 225 odd ppl n finally d hr was cleared by 140 students..

following is d pattern of the exam...

1.Written test
dere were 3 sections each hvn 30 ques n total time was 90 mins

a. Quant
dere were 3 diff sets in exam n dere were diff ques too n d 1 which i got had a difficult aptitude....i prepared hard for quant frm R.S Aggarwal but still i found it difficult...dere were general ques like martices,simplification,ages,bar graph,time n work, profit loss n percentage...i will advice u dat dnt go in depth f each topic,basic fundas will see dis section from R.S aggarwal...1 waz able to attempt 15 correctly n rest were guesses

b. Logical reasoning
dis has alwz been my fav. section,i attempted it first n frm 30 i guess i must hv scored atleast 22 ques were not tough,dey may b time consuming if u dn hv gud practise so plz do practise dis..coz time really matters a lot...blood relation 3 ex. frm R.S aggarwal.coding,decoding,puzzles,figure series syllogisms(remembr d 9 rules)...33 mins for dis section

c. English
i gave it last 25 mins,it was not too difficult....u can easily clear d cut off atleast..if u hv basic knowledge f grammer....dere were ques from analogy,fill in d blanks,1 comprehension(dam easy),2 antoynms, error need f any buk or practise if u r frm cbse,icse or hv a gud c.skills
our exam ended at 6.45 pm n result wz out at 9.40 p.m

it wz on next day...dey can conduct anythng or even both...1 advice for all u dey check confidence nn only confidence....mine waz extempore hvn 20 students in a rum..1min to thnk n 1 min to present.. .topic waz private universities should b der??

out of 20 students 14 were selected...dey were nt even checkin d content nly confidnce matters....ppl having a bad English were also able to clear....u just hv to speak confidently nd u r through man...dere itself v were provided wid hr form..

it started at 2 p.m....but my turn waz around 4.30 p.m...aut f d 5 panels i got d worst 1,she waz taking stress interviews but i waz quite determind to make it..
me: may i cum in mam??
mam: yes
me: gud evening mam
mam: plz hv a seat
me: thanku mam

mam: ok tell me d meaning f ur name
me: smiled as it eaz d same 1st ques in infosys hr round..told

mam: u got a backlog in 3rd sem....reason??
me: actually mam i thnk i didnt worked hard dat time,but i blv wateva happens is for aftr dat i workd hard..i cleared my backlog n also i %age increased fairly....she waz impressed

mam: any co curricular activies???
me: captain f ma colg cricket team

mam: any sort f seminars or debates u participated in??
me: (actually in d space fr areas f improvemnt i had written PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS yes mam in last sem i participated in technical debate..topic waz robotics n dis time too
our departmnt is going to organise a consodium n m looking fwd to it.
mam: gud

mam: do u really thnk u need to improve ur skills??
me: i knw m gud at dese skills but i want to improve myself bcoz if u want to b successful
u must b among d best..(she waz really happy wid my ans interview ki phad di hai..hehehe)

mam: any furthur studies??
me: no mam

mam: u can leave
me: thanku mam
dats interview wz d shortest went only for 3 mins..baki students ka went for abt 10 mins..
actually i presented my self in a v.gud ,manner...waz natural n spontaneous wid my answers n was very logical..

After MY INTERVIW, I wid my frn akhay WENT TO CANTEEN n ate some fud.coz subh se kuch ni khaya tha...fir lawn mein gaye nd had a gud rest..
finally result waz out at abt8.15pm....akshay went to c d list...salle ne apna naam toh dkh liya par kehta tera naam shyd nahin hai...mjhe laga vaj gi
but den anothr guy came to me n said u r selected...i waz thrilled wid joy....sab frns ko bataya..all were happy...

den dere waz a ppt n v vere given d offr u guyz must b thinking abt package...dere is some confusion...wat company ppl tpld us..its 2.2 lac in training n den
its 3 lac...but yeh shayd 07 batch k liye..for us i thnk its abt 3.5 lacs....m nt sure yar...starting mein bataya tha na v r 1 grp f 5 frns....nw 4 r placed..bue 1 reh gaya...par uska bi interview hai in coming dayz for satyam..hope he will get through..
plz pray fr him nd urself too..


There were 1400 student among 131 were selected finally among which 8 students were from my college … Selection is based on following three procedure---
1-Written Test—paper is divided in 3 parts
(a) quantitative 30 question <90marks>questions are mostly from AP,GP,Matrix multiplication,finding Determinant values,permutation and combination,projection…All questions are very simple but u must remember the formulas of all these
(b) verbal & non-verbal 30 question <90marks>question was based on vein diagram,logic,pie chart,data interpretation and some simple puzzles also …
(c) English (passage,antonym,synonym,analogy) 30 question <90marks>this was the toughest section …u need to study hard in this section.. Note: There was no negative marking but u hv to solve questions as early as possible and one more thing there was Sectional cut off…so u hv to pay more attention in each section…I think 22 question from each section is enough as I d..

2- Extempore Round—In this u have to be pre prepared for any topic ..As they give to speak on any topic of ur choice for one minute…they just see ur confidence,humbling,body language and obviously fluency too…. Note:For UPBOARD students : be confident in ur thoughts ..u can clear it easily just keep in mind u can do it..As I also from upboard and faced much problem in english….

3— HR round—In this round they just check ur confidence level,extracurricular activity and academic performance too…no of students disqualified from this round just cause of discrepencies in documents…so be careful …


DAY 1: we were seated in a common hall for the written exam….the written xam was average…the quant portion was damn easy…English section I think was a bit tough… U can do the chapters written in the other papers tht wud be more thn enough…
it had three sections,and individual cutoff,as well as total cutoff.
3.Eng quant and apti was as usual but very easy.

in Eng section, sentence correction, odd one out, type questions and a simple paragraph was there. Our results were out by 7:00 p.m…the written was taken in 3 batches as the total students wer around 800..out of the 800 I think abt 250 cleared the written exam….the criteria told to us was 60% throughout ..but all the students who were selected had 65% throughout…this was done to reduce the number of students qualified in written exams…. But it wont be done to evry1 dunt fear of tht part….

DAY 2: when we clear this round we were given a form remember the info. filled in the form will be the basis of nxt day interview skill part.(so dont provide any anonymous info.) Then we were called next day. we were expecting a GD or extempore. but we ended up in a technical interview..
This Technical Interview was the main elimination round out of the 250 candidates who cleared written only 48 got thru the numbers r not exact it may be sum less or more)…. In the technical interview I was asked abt C questions …they will ask u ur area of interest. if ur gud at ur subject then thers no problem. there were 6 panels taking the Technical interview…I was asked HR questions also in the technical interview….for the technical part he asked me abt static, auto extern,registers,memory…then he gave me a program nd asked questions…believe me confidence plays a imp role here….keep lookin into the eyes they create magic….. When u clear the tech ur 80% placed…..HR is just a formality…I din gave a gud HR …I gave HR standing nd it was of 1 min….

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