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atrenta - open to coe and ece - cutoff %age = 75% (came down to 74) for both branches

three sections in the paper - all 3 to be done (10 or 15 ques in each i thnk) - but 2 of these are weighted more

so if ur coe - 1st and 3rd sections = double weightage and 2nd = normal
if ur in ece - 2nd and 3rd sec = double and 1st = normal

first - coe based stuff - programming, error detection, output, algo - general stuff - nothing deep

second - ece based stuff - all the bloody OPAMPS and transistors (usually coe guys hate this stuff)

third - analytics - CAT based maths - reasonong and puzzle and math problem solving

atrenta gives very high weightage internally to this 3rd section - they are looking for minds with reasoning and analytical approach to problem solving - so if u crack the 3rd section completely (which is quite easy to do from a normal guys point of view with 75%), and score well in the respective category (as in either coe or ece), u have a high chance of getting thru


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