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Persistent Systems

They consider your subjects covered and then they take the test accordingly.

For Computer people they have placement for Development and for others (NA
for Electrical) ETC it is Quality Analysis and testing.

Criteria to appear is 60 % and above from SSC HSC Engg present .

discussing the Development paper: QA had different test

1st Round:-
All Multiple choice Questions.

15 questions on aptitude.LR, percentages, age problems,Ratio proportion.
15 Questions on C(give the output, what is the error, some had abcde and some
had abcd options only.)
10 Questions on Data Structures,Complexity, Better sorting techniques,etc.
5 Question on OS,Unix, paging, segmentation.

2nd Round:-
Write a C Program

1) An Array to be passed to a function and check some condition and print.
<--- SO pointers are considered

2)Datastructure BTREE pre-order and its traversal and checking if it is

3rd round:
Interview : In the Nagpur Persistent campus.

Package being offerd is 3.0lpa(in hand)


I appeared for Persistent campus.
Appered 132 Shortlisted were 20

After 2 TI.
Selected : Only One!!! (

The 1st test was of 30marks & had 60 minutes & no -ve marking. Actually by
this they want to eliminate candidates who Guess options.
C questions were on pointers & arrays, Macros, Scope of variables. read
probability also. (Throwing dice & coins, cards Plz note, they will also
collect your rough sheet along wih answer sheet .

2nd test was on programming .
2 programs have to be wrtitten .

1) Binary Tree Sort (assume tree is there & use 'inorder' traversal)
2) Finding element in array (Use Binary search if given array is 'sorted')
They focus on complxity also.

1st Technical Interview
Asked all basic of DS, focus was on Link list, trees & OOPs concept.

2nd Technical Interview
They asked to write programs for linklist, quicksort, etc.

Be prepared with all of DS & sorting algorithmss. They love linklist.


Paper Pattern:
Two papers are there both of 1 hour
2.Programming ( in C ).

Objective Paper
Six Sections are there each section contains 5 Questions.
Paper is of GATE pattern.
1. Data Structure.
2. DBMS.
3. TOC.
4. OS.
5. General Section.
6. C programming.


1.Question of Binary search tree to find node when 43 will not be found
Ans= Every data set was having 43 as its last element.

2.To find complexity of Linked list .Singly circular ordered list is
there if m elements are to be inserted what will be the complexity of time.
i. O(m*n).
ii. O(m*(m+n)).
iii. O((m+n)*log(m+n))

3.Adjacency matrix question to find shortest path Ans=7.
A 0 m
B m 0 2 2 m
C 0 5
D 0 6
E 0
Where m=infinity, Find shortest path from B to E.

4.Forest & Tree question to find total no of nodes
1 n-(p+2) ANS
2. n-p+2.
3. n-p. etc
same question is in Sahni I think go thru it.

5.Infix to Postfix expression Of A+B*(C+D)/E+F {ANS=ABCD+*E/+F+ }
question is not confirm but pattern is of same type


1.Query from Navathe Select fname,lname from employee where eno in
(select eno from works-on where pno=(select * from project));
what is the output .

2.A query is given eg. Select name from employee where salary=salary.
They ask whether query runs or not so just check it.
Ans=Query Invalid

3.What is the main use of B & B+ trees in database
Ans= For queries

4.question on Left outer Join & Full outer Join. For both Variables
are given & in options relationship is given to find whichever
have greater tuples.

5.To save space which option is better .
Options are
i. Write all join operation than select than project.
ii. Write all join operation than project than select.
iii. Write all join operation in between select & project.


1.Using LRU how many page faults are generated. 20 pages are there
Ans=6 page fault

2.match the column
i. semaphore i
ii. Monitor ii
iii. Deadlock iii
iv. Mutual Exclusion iv. Iv

3.One question on file locking. Scenario is given
Ans 1. Provide indefinite locking

4.Prevent intermediate file Access. (Both 1 & 2)

5.If there are n processes & each process waits p time in waiting state
then CPU utilization is (options are)
1. n(1-p)
2. (1-p to the power n) ANS (not sure)
3. 1-np.
4. n*p
5. A critical section is Ans = a set of instruction which
is shared by many process.


1.Probability to find digits which not contain 7 between 100 to 999

2.Packet switching & Circuit Switching some diff are there
Ans= CS take more time to established circuit.

3.A file have 3 bits for char such type of question
Ans= 27000 or 24000(Confused)

4.Hash table question
A hash table has size of 11 & data filled in its positions
like {3,5,7,9,6} how many comparison s have made if data is
not found in the list in worst case?.
Options= i. 2 ii. 6 iii. 11 iv. 1

5.From the set {a,b,c,d,e,f} find no. of arrangements for 3 alphabets
with no data repeated.
ANS=360. OR for 4 alpha ANS=720.

C Programming

1. Array pointer is pass

2. String Buffer Question

3. String Concatenate(Char *s1,Char *s2)
Char buf[1000];
Return buf;
i. should not return pointer to local variable.
ii. Nothing Wrong in this function.
iii. It don’t work if length exceeds 1000 char.
iv. Error in this code. call how many times
For(i=1;i<=100;i++) For (j=1;j<=100;j++) Foo(); Programming Section ( mainly ask 2 programs.) 1.Occurrence of letters in String. Get string from KB of any length & print letters coming maximum time first than second largest….. i.e in descending order. Their requirement: They want that u make this program thru linked list if u do that than it is well n good. Must allocate memory dynamically. Use proper assumptions & Comments everywhere this will add more advantage .use in all programs. Output look like if u enter string aababbbcba b 5 times a 4 times c 1 times just like that Hint: Make array of 256 chars. Now Scan the string pick each char and according to it’s acsii value increment that index value at last u have an array which have counter for each alphabet. Sort this array & display. 2.Sparse Matrix Addition. A structure of sparse matrix is given. You have to create a function sparseadd to add 2 sparse matrices Structure is some how like Struct Sparsematrix { int row ; int col ; int val; SparseMatrix *next;} You have to made function to add two sparse matrices.Function signature like SparseMatrix SparseAdd(SparseMatrix s1,SparseMatrix s2) Interview Questions 1.Prepare DS,DBMS,OS,TOC thoroughly may ask abt anyone everything . 2.Reversing a linked list. 3.How u make database for windows directory structure or any OS. Hint: using trees & field parent of which points to parent. 4.Make Program (Logic) to find word in Dictionary.Hint: using Hash Table. 5.Make logic of sorting which is not given in books. Make ur own. NT architecture given in galwin book in end. 7.File system FAT, NTFS etc. 8.Prepare your project & CV Thoroughly. 9.They ask to make a Joke. 10.Tcp/ip. 11.whatever they presented in PPT watch it carefully(Most Important)

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