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there were 3 sections in Aptitude:
1) Verbal (all like fill in the Blanks with article and preposition)
2) Analytical (critical reasoning and some Mathematical funda)
3) Quantitative
(mostly from R. S aggrawal based on Profit & loss, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, Ages, Time & Work )

Questions Like:
1) Share Apples _____ susan & lata.
a) among b) with c) for d) none of these.

some synonyms from the sentences.
1) repugnance
And 1 comprehension is also provided and 5 question are based on that..

1) 1826+2480-4300 can be written as:__
a) $ b) $$*
rule *=0 and $=1
one passage was given and we have to answer according to the information provide in that passage (very Easy part of the Aptitude..)
Beware of Time!!!!

1) if A profits 50% more then B then how many % B lost form A??
2)20% of 30% of 50% of 100 is??
3)20% of 50% of number is 130. then 20% is ??
and many question is based on Problem of Ages and Ratio and Proportion it was very easy...

After Aptitude, got selected for GT (Group Task)
Group Task it was a Case Study...
There were a space shuttle with 6 lives in it. and only 2 parachute so u can save only 2 lives so the question is whom u save and y??? and world also come to end...
6 lives are
1) Economist
2) Priest
3) Astronaut
4) Pregnant Lady
5) Engineering Student
6) Dog

then HR/Tech Interview.


Eligibility criteria: 60% career........

Written Test [ 60 questions in 70 minutes ]
Interview ( Tech+HR )

Total 750 apperared........235 quallified for the GD.............. 120 quallified for the Interview........ Finally 70 selected......

There were 3 sections......... Sectional cut-off was there........No -ve marking..........
Section-I English section of 15 questions..........
1) Sporadic : ( Synonym ) ?
2) Apathetic : ( Synonym ) ?
3) Charisma : ( Synonym ) ?
4) A passage had been given......5 questions on that..........( Very Easy,,,,,Just read the passage and u will get all the answers )
5) Some fill in the blank questions on simple English grammar...............

Section-II 30 Analytical questions............
Very Very easy...........Questions on Profit-loss, Percentage, SI & CI, Numbers....5 resoning questions..........

Section-III 15 questions
Some verbal Questions like fill in the blanks on prepositions..........
Some apti on probability and permutation-combination...........
The cut-off for each section............
Sec-I : 11 out of 15
Sec-II : 24 out of 30
Sec-III : 12 out of 15

Group discussion: Some of the topics given :
1) Do or Die
2) Education vs Success
3) Failure of Indian cricket in WC-2007
4) We don't learn from history, We repeat it ( My group topic )

Int : Good Evening lingaraj, Take a seat .
Int : Tell me about yourself .
Int : What are ur strengths
Int : What are ur views on the topic u were given in the GD .
Int : Tech question on RDBMS, C++, DSTC, C
Int : Do u have any Questions ?

My interview was of around 20-25 minutes................


Total number of grads appearing-about 400 selected for GD-41 selected for interview -about 20 final selection - all 10 got selected i guess..

The selction procedure is quite simple,
1)aptitude test (60 Qs)
3)Tech-HR interview

aptitude test : candidates.. nearly 400(or may be more) Mark my words, you wont be able to solve all of them in time, and they know this well. Thats the reason they have lower cutoffs for each section. Portion - 1)Ratios - proportions 2)percentage 3)profit and loss 4)clocks 5)direction problems...and few other topics from RS aggarwal i would suggest you guys to go through RS aggarwal. If you have given CAT exams before then it wont be much of a problem. But time mgmt is the key. Fortunately,there is no negative marking. Attempt those Qs which you are confident of getting right.

Then you know what to do.."intelligent guessing"(it worked in my case) english- its quite simple. If you are comfortable with english then i dont see any reason why you shouldnt crack this section..but they are smart enough to keep you engaged in maths section so that you dont get time for this again....time mgmt is really impt.. they ask you simple grammar Qs...and comprehension..its quite lengthy.

GD - candidates - 41 we were divided in groups of 10. we were given a simple topic -"love marraiges Vs arranged marraiges" two of the judges were dead against my views..and kept on grilling me for 15 mins in the middle of discussion...(thats when i knew that i will be selected). they declared the result in 5 mins.

interview - candidates about 20 They called us for the interview in a weeks time. for me it was more on JAVA,c++,project mgmt.


There are three section

1 Aptitute
2 Technical u can chose one of them like java,, and SQL. I have selected java.

For Aptitude test:
Total time: 70 minutes
Total Questions: 60


About test
No negative marking
Sectional Cutoffs

Section 1: English
Preposition , article and passage and synonyms etc.

Section 2: Logical
Puzzle no. of series and few analytical problem.

Section 3: Maths
Maximum Question is based on percentage and rest of them is ratio , profit and loss average simple interest and compound interest. try to solve as early as possible.

For technical test. (Java).

Total time: 50 minutes
Total Questions: 50 (2 sections)
25 core java + 25 servlet and jsp.

There are two sections 1st is core java and 2nd is servlet and jsp. in core java maximum question is based on thread, input out put stream, interface , package and string and few basic question, in servlet and jsp nearly 15 que. are from servlet and ten question are from JSP.

For GD ( they willl give three topic and speak one of them)
GD was in 5 mins. simple one but do speak as it is also an elimination round once GD is done, result comes out n they will call u for interview later!

hello friends, i had given Patni aptitude test

Total time: 70 minutes
Total Questions: 60
About test
- No negative marking
- Sectional Cutoffs
Section 1: English
Level: simple
Q type: fill in the blanks (using prepositions / articles) <- simple level
Q type: Meaning of words <- simple level
Q type: Passage: no direct questions, littile tough
Section 2: Logical
Level: ok
Q type: caselet normal one
i had got some moveis one that 6 movies per day with timings and conditions (puzzle kind)
others were normal placement type logical
Section 3: Maths
Level: little tough due to time
please study
-profit n loss
-ratio proportion
-simple interest n compound interest
-chain rule
try to solve as early as possible
10-12 per class were selected for GD on the same day
GD was in 10 mins. simple one but do speak as it is also an elimination round
once GD is done, result comes out n they will call u for interview later!

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