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First was aptitude test. 15 questions. 30 minutes.. No choices.. No working sheets also! Find answer on ur own and write it down.. No -ve marking!
Questions: All question are easy if u have read R S AGGARWAL.

some questions: (numerical figures not correct)
--> if traveled faster by 30kmph he would have reached 3 minuets earlier.. if traveled 30 mph slower he will reach 3 minutes later.. so whats the original speed?
--->sea:bank then ____:coast (ans OCEAN)
--> a question on mixtures. water and milk in some ratio.. total price is given.. wht is the amount of milk....
--->ratio of 1t class and 2nd class ticket is 1:4.. no of tickets sold in the ratio 4:1. total amount collected is given.. fine collection from first clas alone
--->some coding related question.. ABC HAKDH IAS is denoted as JIADJ ADH AH something like tht) simple ones!
-->number series.. x/5, x/4 x/3 x/2 x/1 was the series..
cut off was 8 i think..
Took 28 from total of around 450 people.

Next was interviews
1)tech interview: most students said a lot of tech question were asked.. from c,cpp,dbms,os, data structures, sorting algortithms.

Simple Rule: BE Confident in what u say!! else they ask us more details..
Interviewer asked me which all sorting algorithm i know."i said quick bubble insertion selection"
then asked complexity of each.. thats all
Some were asked linked lists.. (no program was asked.. just explain concepts)
then referential integrity,foreign keys, types of sql quires (select, delete etc) etc etc

for me tech was little only! my resume said i have good interests in stock markets. so he asked a lot about that! i answered all of them and then asked 4-5 tech questions.. and about MINI PROJECT was asked..

Then interviewer will ask about your marks in each sem.. if there is any drop,, he asks why..
for me its was a drop from 92 in 10th to 82% in 12th to 69% in batch! he asked me why.. just admitted i didnt study well ..and said i will score better in coming semester and will mak aggregate to 73%.. he asked 3-4 times ARE U CONFIDENT? ( like in KBC -BIG B ;) ) i said yeas! confident! sure!!
he said" if u dont make 73. i wont take u to igate!1 =)) )
then asked me why i want to join i gate..
then asked where u see ur self after 5 years.
then give me HR form.. and feedback also was given on spot! (my accent was week.. he told to improve it..)

then HR..
HR interviewer had nothing new to ask me . she just repeated wht was asked in tech!!
why igate?? dream achievement? tell us about parents etc etc
at last "are u wiling to sign a bond for 2 years."
i didn't accept.. still they took me in!


selection procedure:
1. Aptitude
2. Technical/HR actually it consists of 4 rounds, because of less number GD was cancelled and technical and HR was merged. Aptitude consists of 15 questions of mathematics which have to be answered in 30 min. No choices and what answer we get, thats the final.
Technical/HR round was good,
I was asked to answer some questions in C, C++, OS, DBMS.


1st round was a written test .......15 questions to be answered in 30 mins with no multiple choice .........we need to solve the question and write the answer and no negative marking....... some questions which they gave are lengthy .don't panic by seeing them .they are very easy to solve......cut off was about 11-12 for 15 i guess......

73 people got selected for GD round from about 600 students who appeared for the written test.

Next coming to GD......each group had 10 members. So total of 7 groups in my topic was on dress code( shud there be a dress code at college level?) and one more topic I remember for the other group was on reservations..... from each group they selected around 5 members.

So around 35 students shortlisted for personal interview (includes technical and HR separately).........

Next coming to technical round........... i am from ECE i'll tell u wat the interviewer asked me.......learn c and data structures well (be prepared to write a program, because the interviewer asked me to write a program without a single syntax or logical error so be careful..),then micro processors (8085,8086),then go thru some basics of communication and digital electronics(if u are a ECE student).......... if u mention anything about u'r paper presentations and mini projects in u'r resume be ready to explain them clearly.....because he asked me about the papers which i presented in depth and he asked me to explain my mini projects ........if u r done wid all these u r going to clear technical round for sure.....

Next coming to HR round........1st the basic question.... tell me abt u' u'r strengths and weaknesses.......u'r hobbies....etc,..... wat ever u say, say it confidently and try to be honest....its not a big deal clearing hr round.....but be careful wid tech round....ok ..............wat ever u speak be loud and clear in gd and personal interview..........try to speak positively ......avoid grammar mistakes while u r speaking and be confident.....don't worry its not dat hard.....u can clear easily....all the best prepare well and do well...........

So finally 20 students got selected for iGATE out of around 600 students who attended the campus drive...


Paper was not that tough.There were 15 questions to be solved in 30min.
No rough sheet was provided.Also no negative marking, but no options were given.that is u have to solve the questions and write the answer, no guess work possible.Cut off was 9 or 10 i think.They selectd very few for the second round.Outof 1,700 they selected only 170 for GD(2nd round).They made group of 10/11 for GD, and selected approximately 60 students for third/technical round.Final round ws HR..Finally they selected only 30.
But for apti prepare general topics like Avg,profit-loss, time and distance,time and work,si,ci,partnership, clocks, calender,probability,series,pipes and cisterns ,reasoning,number,hcf,lcm,permutaion and combinations.
Either refer R.S Agarwal or Pearson guide By Dinesh Khattar is more than enough.
Questions were not that tough but point was to save time.
Some questions i remember
1) one man sold two items at 20% loss and 20%profit.Net % loss/gain?
Ans In such cases always loss (20/10)^2= 4%loss.
2) series question :
I think no1 solved it
4,2,3,7.5,26.25,- ,-
Find the next two numbers.
3) Si questions was there,Given:principal=480,Rate=3.5%, Time=2 month 15 days
Find SI? =( 480*3.5*(5/2*12))/100
i.e take 2month 15 days as 2.5 month and conert into year and solve.
4) GHITZ is ....i dont remeber exactly but i remeber the concept
They replaced last with first, second last with sec,What i mean is A - Z
B- Y
c- x and so on.
5) 1/10 is how much of 3/4?
Ans (1/10)/(3/4)
6) 1/6 boys and 1/3 Girls ?What is ratio if children?
Ans 1/2 ie 1/6+1/3=1/2 = 50%
7) I n how much time 100km will be covered if a girl travels at 10km/hr and halts for 10min every 15km
8) Probality of sundays in an ordinary year?
9) on eman walked 1/4,3 1/4,7 1/4,9 1/4 and other man walked 2/4,2 1/4, 2 2/3,3 1/4 kms.
Who walked more and by how much
10) number question,
Let number =10*x + y
Given: xy=18.
some more questions were there , ut icannot recall them, they were not that easy, but if u pracice pearson guide/R.S.Aggarwal well then u can solve it.
Next Round Was GD
Made group of 10/11.In some they selected 4 members.But in many they selected only 1or 2 per group. In min they seleced only two including me. Topic was simple.they wanted every1 to talk.Also they made every1 to talk.So the topics were simple.But always allow others to speak.U should speak well and up to the point,but at the same time u should allow others to speak.Do not make it a fish market.Apart from communication they also want to check that whether u can work in team or not?
Some topics
1) saddam should be hanged or not?
2) Pepsi should be banned or not?
3) mobiles vs landlines
4) house wife vs working
5) inda's poor performances in cricket
Next was techncial

1. Asked baisc things, quite lengthy
2. ASked question on DBMS,networing,
3. questions based on ur resume
4. Questions on ur final year project surely.
5. Diff b/w c++and java.
6. Some basic questions on core java.
7. Also told to write one program *
* *
* * *
and so on.......
All studnets were asked to write atleast one program (any language)

Final round HR
Simple question like education background,family background, about company etc

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