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The written paper has 7 sections namely:

1. verbal 10ques
2. mental ability 10ques
3. analytical 10ques
4. DS,OS,algorithm 20 ques
5. C or C++ 20ques
6. comprehension
7. E-mail Writing

Verbal Section contains the fill in blanks type English questions, easy to

Mental Ability consists maths questions like a cube is divided into 64
parts & 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th layers r painted blue, green, yellow, blue
respectively. find no. cubes which is 2 side yellow painted, etc.

a+b*c/g-e here a+b=a is brother of b
a*b=a is father of b

question on blood relations.

C section has:

Extern int i;

wht value is stored in the memory
a. 0
b. garbage
c. -565875
d. error

Written test is the elimination round, out of 1100 students appeared only
46 had shortlisted for next round.

In Technical round they asked abt C, digital, CN, project which we have
made in final sem, Final in HR round they took around 1 hour for each
student & finally 15 students are selected.


In written test there are 7 sections of each 10-20 minuts duration.

1. Verbal( English).

2. Aptitude.

3. Mental Ability.

4. Data Structures and OS(20 questions,20 mins).

5. C or C++ (20 questions,20 mins).

6. Comprehension( 15minute reading time +10minutes,10 questions).

7. E-mail writing (5 minutes).

There is a sectional cutoff for each section.

1) Verbal section contains some easy questions like :

fill in the blanks, abbreviations, vocabulary..

2) Aptitude section contains mainly a set based questions. basic set
formulas. There were around 5 questions from sets.

3) Mental Ability:

there were very easy questions like Identify the correct match.

a) 1114422344243 b) 111442224243 c) 1114422343243

4) Data Structures and OS

Here incomplete codes were given, using queues, trees, linked list etc and
required to select the correct code from the options given, which will
give the correct output.

From OS questions were from context switching, throughput.

5) C or C++.

Few questions were very easy, but rest were quite difficult.

1 question was on memmap() function.

A question like the following was given.

Q. float f =11.002
if(f < 11.002)

6) Comprehension.

10-15 mins to read the comprehension. And after that questions will be
given to you and comprehension paper will not be with you at that time.

My topic of comprehension was on new software for user authentication .

7)Email Writing.

In 10-15mins you have to write an professional email.

Situation was like this:

There is a readymade garments showroom F Folio, whose very loyal customer
Ms.Preeti wants to return the suit she bought 2 weeks before. And
according to the company policy, goods can only b returned within 3 days
of purchase. Thereafter no returns are accepted. So kindly write an email
to Ms.Preeti that you can't take goods back once sold after 3 days of

In technical interview, they ask questions mostly from OS, Networking, DS.

They started with the last project I did.

* Programme to reverse a singly linked list?
* Normalization from (1NF - 4NF)?
* Best algorithm to sort student table, on the basis of marks?
* Join query?
* How semaphores are implemented?
* Program to implement quick sort, right from the beginning including
* Sparse matrices concept, prog and what is the need of it?
* zombie process?
* Complexity of quick sort and bubble sort?
* Protocols used at data link layer?
* Three way handshake in tcp/ip?
* Case in which fcfs is the best algorithm?
* Programme to remove a node from a doubly linked list?
* Devices used in each layer of osi model?
* Multilevel feedback queue concept?
* Scheduling algorithmss in os?

HR Interview

My interview was held on telephone, reason being, after my technical
round, no hr was present there at that moment.

HR interview is a formality. Around 90% of the students were through with
this round.

Questions in HR interview :

* Introduction
* Family background
* How do feel like to be a younger brother. If given a chance what would
you like to be elder or younger brother.
* Interest (development/ testing) and why?
* Are you placed somewhere and if yes then why do you want to join aricent
* Relocation?

* Have you ever worked in a team? and if yes what have you learned from it?
* Asked to speak on a topic Politics?
* Any questions?

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