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sec 1 : analytical 20 ques 25 min
sec2 : verbal 20 ques 20 min
sec 3: mental ability 15 ques 15 min


Accenture paper consisted of the following 4 rounds:-

1. Aptitude test (3 sections)
2. GD
3. HR
4. Technical Interview

Aptitude consists of three sections:-
2. mathematics
3. logical reasoning

English part was the easiest one. It started with 5 questions on articles, 5 on fill in the appropriate word, two passages (one on SQL and the other on DBMS), a bit confusing and time consuming..(one of them is already in previous papers) Synonyms.

Mathematics was quite easier for me(as I was preparing since MBT)…Make sure that u do all the questions from venn diagrams, symbol questions like-if *=+, - symbolizes /… and so on.. one question on direction sense.

Verbal- it included the following:- which of the following are similar- 345678,345678,346875etc. passage questions(puzzle type).

Remember that the test was easy, what matters is time management and amount of right answers as the cutt-off is very high everytime.

In GD they were asking the following topics:-

Can India be a world power

Black or white

shahrukh vs amitabh


some viad ones like mother or father

It industry

just be in touch with the news n try to keep ur sense of creativity with u.they also check ur presence of mind.

My GD was very good. Two of my friends were in a same group n that too just in front of the panel.. at the end she said that we were excellent and superb..this made us even more confident.

In HR I was asked general questions… for the first time I was very comfortable. The most interesting thing was when the panel asked me to tell him the thing for which I am recognized, I could recollect only that I can make sounds of different things like dog’s bark, vendor’s way of selling etc etc…. He asked me to show something, I said that I would be very loud, he said its fine… so I actually barked there( he was just checking confidence). Then he started filling my entries and said that I am writing here that u “can bark” in ur qualities. After some more questions , my Hr was over. When I went outside, I noticed that “final rounding” was written on it.

One more thing, Do get all the details about the Company

I headed to Technical interview which was good again , I was asked about my branch related questions as I am a non-cs/it candidate…

Next morning I was delighted to hear that I am in Accenture.

One imp message frm my side is that do not lose hope, be confident and u will be at the right place.


THERE WERE 4 ROUNDS as usual for Accenture Paper

1) Written Paper
2) G.D
3) H.R Interview
4) Technical Interview


Paper consist of three parts—

1.analytical ability
2.aptitude & LR
3.verbal ability

Section 1 consist of 20 question ----those were quite easy

* Simple percentage question
* venn diagram question are a lot but easy
* age and blood relation
* time ,distance,work

Section 2 consist of 15 question

puzzle on arrangement on 1 refrigerator,2 TV,3 AC,4 Microprocessors
a)2 tv together
b)ac at 1st and 10th place
c)no tv next to micro
d)no refrigerator and AC next to each other

Simple matching questions---5 question

aaabbbccc,aaabbbccc,aaabbbbcc --which are same

5 data sufficiency question

Section 3 ---verbal was easy consist of 20 question

5 fill up wid articles a,an,the

2 passages

a) 1 on sql
b) other on dbms
both were easy

3 word meanings

Blurt - (it means Utter impulsively i.e very fast )
compliant - (willing to follow)
exemption - (freedom from doing something)

Total 55 questions …time given was 60 minutes

5 min extra 4 essay on why accenture is my dream company???

Cut off was around 37-40

out of 207----130 were shortlisted for G.D



1}Bpo’s affecting youth
2)men’s day or women’s day
3)world cup—india or Australia

out 0f 130 only 60 were selected ---4 out of each group of 12

H.R ROUND—rest elimination is done here only

Will ask u general question???

about urself??

why accenture?

why should I hire u???

who is ur role model???

where u see urself after 5 yrs???
n strength n weakness

Be confident n cool –u will be selected But out of 60 only 45 were selested(approx)

Next was TECHNICAL round

DBMS,sql and c++ concepts are Important for Accenture

Do prepare well for your project


Written Paper: The written paper was conducted by Merittrac and it was same as asked in earlier papers (around 50-55 questions and an essay/ No negative marking).

It was an easy one but remember easy for everyone that why the cutoff was nearly above 45. The essay I got was “Your three main priorities when u will become the Prime Minister of a country”. I got selected in the written paper.

Group Discussion: As everyone feels that the GD is the main elimination round in any selection process, it’s not true in case of Accenture. If u”ll speak a little bit confidently and some valid points on the topic given to u, u” clear it. My GD topic is “Hardworking or Smartworking or Both/Support”. We had a batch of 12 out of which 9 was selected including me. So be confident, communications skills was not a major factor.

HR Interview (sometimes tech. interview comes earlier than HR)

Its not just a formality as many of my friends got eliminated in this round. They asked me:

Introduce urself

About Accenture

Why should we hire u?

On project u did in college and the role u played in it (in detail).

Strengths & Weaknesses (Specify each in detail)

Relocation etc
In the end they will ask u do u have any questions, please ask some questions as I did.

I asked what type of projects will I be able to assist on? The HR said that there r many types of projects being done in Accenture and a 3 months extensive training is imparted on each trainee. Then he asked why u asked me that question, I said so that I can learn a language required to my upmost level. My 2nd question was How soon will I be able to be productive? He said u feel ur not productive at present. I said yes im productive at present but I want to exploit my full potential dere.

Technical Interview

The technical panelist firstly asked me to introduce myself, again why Accenture?

Then as I did my BE in CSE, he asked me to write down

Programs on Prime No. & Binary Search

After that he asked me about


Entity-Integrity Rule

5th Normal Form

Linear Queue-Circular Queue

Newton’s 2nd Law Etc


procedures were

1. gd
2.technical interview
3. hr

we were group of 12-14 students , 4 were selected. madam first ,asked to choose our own topic, however ,when no
consesus was achieved, she gave topic-role of media in society. in my opinion panel looked for content, group dynamics, some in my group spoke very much and interrupted others, hence were rejected, i repeat content is king!!

technical interview

- i am a mechanical stream, so he asked about my subjects, project,it, cse,ec students prepare ur programming skills

normal stuff,about knowledge
abt company ,hobbies,willing to relocate etc


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