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HCL is one of the leading global Technology and IT enterprises with annual revenues of US$ 3.30 billion. The HCL Enterprise comprises two companies listed in India, HCL Technologies and HCL Infosystems.

The 30 year old enterprise, founded in 1976, is one of India's original IT garage start ups. Its range of offerings span R&D and Technology Services, Enterprise and Applications Consulting, Remote Infrastructure Management, BPO services, IT Hardware, Systems Integration and Distribution of Technology and Telecom products in India. The HCL team comprises 34,000 professionals of diverse nationalities, operating across 16 countries including 300 points of presence in India. HCL has global partnerships with several leading Fortune 1000 firms, including several IT and Technology majors.


The sectionwise distribution of the questions is as follows: Section#1
This section consisting of 15 questions is based on general computer awareness.
In this section: A correct answer carries 1 mark 1/4 marks will be deducted for a wrong answer.

This section also consists of 15 questions. Questions based on C language are asked.
In this section: A correct answer carries 1 mark 1/4 marks will be deducted for a wrong answer.

A total of 10 questions based on pointers and structures in C are asked in this section.You can also be asked one or two questions on JAVA also.
In this section: A correct answer carries 2 marks 1 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer.

This is the aptitude section consisting of 20 questions. Simple maths questions are asked which are very easy. The logical questions asked are similar to the ones given in the Barron's GRE book.
In this section: A correct answer carries 2 marks 1/4 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer.


Total No Attended : around 330

Total Ppl placed : 89

There were three rounds

First Round : Apptitude
35 q apps.(1 hour) 20 q technical(15 mins)

Aptitude, logical reasoning, Data interpretation/sufficiency, Technical , microprocessor memory arrangement, c , memory management algorithm stuff etc

Second Round: Technical HR interview

I entered .

The HR asked me to relax and have some water.

i accepted it and said thanks.

He asked to say something interesting - not about me . no academic stuff.

i asked him if i cud explain him bout Nanotechnology. he said no.

then i asked him if i cud explain him bout Karunya. he said ok

i told him about my college. that went on for a few minutes.

then he asked me to tell about myself . i told him. (ps: Guys - Do this part well.)

told me to explain about Nanotechnolgy. i explained it briefly.

then he asked some qs related to my hobbies

Then he told me to explain something in which i cud answer any qs if asked.

i gave my area of intrest. i started explaining it .

he asked some qs in the middle. i answered them.

Then he asked me to give a concept for a c program to match two nos in an array.

( At that moment he was offered Tender coconut drink)

i was asked to write a c code for finding odd nos in a sequence.

when i finished writing the code, he offered the drink to me. i gladly accepted it.

then i explained the code at which time when i was also having the drink. ( It was a nice time) Then he said ok.

i thanked him for the drink. and then it was over.

Third Round: HR Interview

since there were too many people selected for HR interview, they made the HR round as GD.

There were 10 ppl in my round.

we were asked to suggest a topic.

each guy was saying something. i was the last to suggest.

i cudnt think of anyting . the only thing which came in my mind was - Is GD really necessary?

SO i jus said that directly from the heart.

the HR took it has a topic & said it was a nice topic.

though i didnt speak anything . later the topic was changed to " Is Technical Interview necessary ? "

The HR asked me to speak something . Then i gave a point. finally it was concluded.

Then we were asked for some Qs. I asked two Qs. then it was also done.

A day later The Results were announced.

Some FINAL Advice

Try Solving Logical Reasoning and General aptitude stuff. Work On GDs . Be very good in your areas of interest.


it consists of 3 rounds.aptitude,technical, and hr.

in aptitude all puzzles came..pls follow shakuntala devi pattern..some english passage,logical reasoning like A,B,C,D,E,F, BICYCLE,MOTORCYCLE,TRUCK, have to find who does which n resides in which city..all types from R.S.Aggarwal.

in apti the cut off is very tick all the answers..they ll tell u negative marking..but i think actually they dun do mark as many ans possible.

35 apti in 1 20 technical questions were given in 15 mins time.
remember ee,ece, has a diff cut off than cse,it cse,it guys pls score more than 12 out of 20. about 90 cleared in aptitude out of 130.

Then follows the technical round..a few lines from the actual interview...

me: good afternoon sir
sir: yes pls sit.can i have ur cv?
the person was a young chap,i was in panel B.panel A was easy..mostly hr questions and a few technical ..but my panel was damn technical all through.
me: o hh sure.
sir: so,shreya u took part in quest?when?u went to doordarshan?
me: y es was a quiz contest..and our team was when i was in class 11.
sir: do u know c?c++?
me: yes sir.
sir: tellme sumthing bout functions to pointers.
me :sir what u want me to xplain?
sir: dynamic memory allocation.
me :xpalined well.
sir: whats the difference between calloc and malloc?
me: xplained.
sir: xplain doubly linked list.
me:draw the diagram and then xpalined well.
sir: what is its difference with single linked list?
me :again draw picture and xplained with code.
sir: tell the algorithm of binary search.
me: gave it.
sir :if i give u a few elements can u insert them in a binary tree?
me: yes sir.
sir: he gave me..
me: done a mistake
sir: what algorithm u told ur binary search tree is not matching with it..then he told me the mistake
me: yes sir..but my algorithm was right..during insertion i got confused with b tree. do u know whats normalization?
me: yes sir..xplained very good..all the reasons y we use it.
sir: ok.give me examples with 1NF,2NF,3NF,BCNF.
me: draw a table and xplained it is done..and converted it to BCNF.
sir: whats thread.what is its difference with process?
me: gave well..this time i was puzzled..started swaeting cz he dint give me time even to think and he was switching topics..
sir: o k have u heard the name of mutual excluson?
me: sir..previous ques..answered well.
sir: whats kernel?
me: again told..
sir: ok my next q..that means mutual exclusion.
me:gave it.
sir: okk..u know c++ naa?
me: y es sir..a bit.
sir: whats oops concepts?
me: i explained all startingwith abstraction,data hiding,encapuslation,overloading,class,objects,overridding,polymorphism and all.
sir: okk thank u..u pls wait in a couple of minutes..u ll be called 4 hr.
i thought i got cleared the technical round.
hr: well ur family background.
me: told.
hr: t hree puzzles one after another.
me: solved..
hr: okk good..what u think u scored in apti?
me: i thought well
hr: no u hv just crossed the cut off.
hr: how was ur technical?
me: well was easy 4 me,i knew hcl is doing with all i prepared it well.
hr: okk what was ur joint rank?
me: told.
hr: u went 4 NIITat naa?what was ur rank?
me: rank was good..
hr: do u have any relocation problem?
me :no mam..not at all.
hr: okk..shreya so whta are the fields that Hcl serves?
me :i got it from their managed..
hr: y dint u get in cts?
me: dat was my bad luck..but no harm to i got the golden chance to b in hcl rounds.
hr: well go through our website once.
me: thank u mam..good evening.bye.

i did leave then.smartly..dun lose ur eye contact..b smart..but do ur technical round very they are selecting very crudely..


pattern for writtern test..
35 que aptitude.
maths section
time & distance.
blood relation.
coding n decoding.
20 que of technical
15 from c & c++
rest r from micrpprocessor & s/W testing DS.

technical was quite easy but apti was tough I cracked only 20 and in technical I did 16 .
very important abt - marking they told us may or may not be...........

results of writtern were declared in morning 7 am sharp..... luckily I got qualified this round only 102 were selected......

after that GD round started topic was Favourite movie..... moderator was very cool person he want us to be comfortable ,so he strted talking with gf/bf.

after that out of d group of 10 m d only one who got cleared gd round..... 40 student cleared gd....
Now finally Interview round comes............ I was very nervous @ that time........ my interview was taken by a lady...

she strted with ..
(1)Introduce urself.
(2)family background.
(3)sourabh,tell me d area's in govt. where we can apply IT .
I told about e-governance,agri based channels ,connecting each depptt of govt.................
(4)tell me about SDLC(s/w development life cycle...)
(6)tell me d types of project that ne IT company deals..
(ee)y hcl....give d best details of company to them...they will get impress..
(ew)hv u appeared in ne other company.....
(7)abstraction n Encapsulation.
(8)she took mine writtern copy told to solve d puzzle...and some apti question(so guyz dont make guesses...)
(9)why this college ...
(10)abt my rank in state ..
(11)As m getting mech in SGSITS Indore ...why this not..
(12)now she asked me about relocation..
(13)bond of 18 months ..
(14)my project.............

after 5 hours the hcl official came and announced d result....only 20 were selected


It took 2 days for the whole process to end

First Round - Aptitude -> 35 Apti questions + 20 Technical questions

The Aptitude part was quite tough as most of the problems were in the form of puzzles

[PLEASE NOTE: There are negative marks as well , sometimes they dont apply the negative marking if the performance on the whole is not so good ] , so answer your questions accordingly .

Make sure that you tick only those on which u r confident. The English questions were quite easy .There were some small passages and u have to answer some questions from those passages Arranging the sentences in perfect order were also there in the paper ,

[They gave 60 mins for aptitude section and took the papers , After 5 mins they gave us the Technical paper which was to be solved by 15 mins]

The technical part was a bit easy and I managed to answer 16 out of 20 correctly

[Tips : Try to go through the whole test paper first and find which questions can you solve confidently , because sometimes most of the easy are placed at the last , or in the middle , so dont get panic if the first question is too difficult]

About 130 students gave the aptitude paper and 91 were selected for the next round and I was one of them

Second Round -> Technical Interview

The selected candidates were divided into two panels , Panel A and Panel B .

I went inside the interview hall

Me : Good evening Sir , may I have the seat ?
Sir : Sit down Sourish . May I have your CV ?
Me : Sure Sir [ and I handed over my CV to him] [At that moment he took out a form and asked me to fill it]
Sir : Sourish please introduce yourself
Me : [I started introducing myself and chatted a lot on my extra curricular activities , I also chatted about cricket for a while as I had written that playing cricket was my hobby]
Sir : Why u chose IT as your career line
Me : Blah Blah
Then he asked me many Technical Questions which are as follows
1: What is class ?
2: What r objects? Explain its uses
3: What is polymorphism ? What is Inheritance ? Give a real life example of both
4: What is Abstraction ?
5: What is function overriding ?
6: What is LAN , WAN , SAN with examples
7: Write an SQL query using Select statement
8: Explain Join command

I answered them

Sir : Thank you Sourish [with a smile]
Me: Thank you Sir It was a 30 minutes interview I was satisfied by my interview and was hoping to get selected for HR round

Third & Final Round-> HR Interview

There was a lady taking the interview and I entered the room

Me : Good evening Mam
Mam : Good Evening Sourish
Me : May I have the seat Mam
Mam : Yaa sure

The HR questions were as follows
1: Family background
2: Why MCKV ? [ MCKV -> my college]
3: What do u think about the aptitude paper?
Me : It was a mixed bag for me and as most of them were puzzles it was very time consuming and luckily I got through it
4: Do you have any plans for Higher studies?
Me : Right now I want to concentrate on my B Tech , after that when I will feel that I am well established with some work experience then I will opt for an MBA degree

5: Do you have any problems in Relocation(postings in different places)?
Me : No Mam , I dont have any problem , I can reside in any place in India

6: What if I send u abroad ?
Me : Still I dont have any problem

7: What r your weakness ?
Me : I am afraid of spiders Mam [ suddenly a funny environment was created]

[Tip : Try to make the conversation as much lively as possible and whatever you speak always speak it loud and clear]

8: When you heard that HCL is comming in your collg ?
9: What have you prepared for HCL interview
Me : C , JAVA , Data structures mam

10: If you were given a project in HCL , can you do it ?
Me : Yes mam , I can and I will do it
Mam: Ok Thank you Sourish
Me : Thank you Mam

Out of 91 students 59 cleared the Technical round and out of 59 students 35 students were finally selected.


There were two papers :

Apti Consisting of 35 questions and technical consisiting of 20 questions.. Most of the questions in technical paper were repeated. Some of the topics related are (for technical): little endian, c, DBMS, bankers algo, physical & logical addresses, segmentation, etc..

Aptitude paper was also not much tough. After clearing the written part they conducted first technical interview and then Hr interview. In technical interview they asked my cv and asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked me to sing a song as singing was one of my hobbies. As I'm passionate abt railways he shot few questions based on railways too.. Then he asked me to name my strong subject. I told C. Then he asked me inheritance & its types, virtual classes, dynamic allocation, linked list, stacks, unions. Then he asked me few questions from DBMS too eg Difference between relational & hierarichal database, inner & outer join. He asked me to write a querry.. Then he asked me a puzzle which I couldn't answer but I gave it a try.. Then he asked me to write a program for creation of link list.

After that I was selected for the HR round. Then in HR round some questions were asked to me abt railways as it was my passions. Then some questions were based on my one of the hobbies -> teaching. She asked me no. of my current students, Subjects taught, Income earned, purpose of taking tutions, etc. Then she asked whether I know abt the 18 months bond or not. Abt relocation -> whether I'm ready or not. After that she asked me that wat preparations u have done for HCL interview and paper.. I said for written no preparation while for the interview I read balagurusamy( C ). Then she said ok U r perfect..

So the procedure came to an end here..

If u r 90 % sure abt any question just attempt it..Because although they say negative marking is there but its not done..


Venue: Northern India Engineering College (BBD GEI)

First was WRITTEN,it had 2 sections :

(1)Aptitude: aptitude had 35 questions ..Many repeated questions were there,

Data interpretation, puzzles, passages, jumbled sentences,etc…pattern was same.

I cant recall all ques,,but il try:

One was a question on nails…......two passages….a question on race…

Q) how many odd numbers r there between 2000 & 4999.

Q) a figure involving concepts of geometry.(not dat tuf!)

Q) a question on multiplication of two nos. with unknown digits (O1 E1 O2 E2…)(seemed tuf 2 me so I didn’t attempt!)

Q) a similar question :A exists if C is present B exists if D & A are present ..n so on(quite a simple question I got d answer with truth table method it got easy)

Q) somewhat same question as above involving Figo, Ronaldo ..etc...& one drives scooter while the other rides bicycle….n so so(was easy!...MUST give time 2 such questions)

Q) a question on years(simple one!)

To cut it short apti was nt dat tuf….i jus left those questions of which I had absolutely NO IDEA...use ur rough sheet 2 the fullest.!

(2)Technical: this section had 20 questions & we were givn 15mins 2 solve…..topics √†microprocessor,physical n logical address, little endian & big endian mode, complexity of algorithms,Revise complete Data structure(VRY VRY IMP!)..a simple question to fine 2’s complement ...C programs (POINTERS—“Most IMP”)....

After written we expected 2 have GD....but it got few students had their Technical & Hr the same day.......

My turn was on 13th Feb ..(the next day)....whole night tension, anxiety, fear kept me awake!!! whole bed was piled with buks..all I cud get.. i had never faced interview n all before ...n was really scared of failure...becoz once things get in our hand we don’t want 2 let it go...


We gathered at college in morning at 9:00 patience was put 2 test that turn came at 8:00Pm...i was physically n mentally exhausted...but had 2 give a try at least....

As the interview started Sir asked 4 my CV...n brief introduction... & then started firing all questions one by one!

Sir-do u know C, well?

Me-yes sir.


Me-yes sir! I said im not a proficient but am learning.

Sir- difference between c & c++?

Me-told him all bout OOPs

Sir-what is abstraction, polymorphism? Types of polymorphism? types of inheritance?

Me-told him all whatever I knew...while describing types of polymorphism(runtime & compile time) I mentioned “virtual functions”---(he interrupted)

Sir-do u know wat r virtual functions?

Me-I told him (as I had read it 5mins befor)...& also said I didn’t hve detail knowledge of it..

Sir-u knew those questions I am askin???(his strong voice echoed in my ears)

Me- I got scared first..but his smile infused a confidence in me n I too replied coolly...dat I jus read in some buk jus bfor comin(its better 2 tell wats true)..

Sir-okok so listen im explaining this 2 you.

(he explaind me a whole program involving virtual functions n the two ways they are calld)...he asked me 2 listen carefully n confirmed that he wud ask me questions regarding it next time I met him....

I got excited at this ..but had 2 control it as the interview was still at progress...

Sir-now u tell me about pointers?

Me-told him.

Sir-(he gave me a program & asked 2 find its output)

Me-I had gone through pointers so it wasnt dat tuf 4me...but still I took sometime 2 giv the answer..n got it rite!(he seemed pretty happy with dat)

Sir-do u kno bout inline functions?

Me-no sir..(I had no idea)

Sir-wat are stacks & queue?

Me-I told ..(ask 4 a pen n paper n explain it with program)(he looked satisfied!)

Sir-do you know wat r link lists?write program?

Me-I wrote d program....(as I was bout 2 finish he said okok fine)

Sir looked very serious, he had a good accent, he talked in a very friendly manner helping the candidate 2 feel it did 2 me!

After this phase was over .NOW I was confident that ill make it!!...i was sent 2 HR...

HR was cool:

Same old questionsà introduce urself

Family background,

Fathers occupation.....wat bout railways(as my fathr is in railway)

About siblings

Strengths(must prepare well! Speak loudly ,clearly n confidently with SMILE)u’ll realize its IMP!)

Weakness(think beforehand if not abl 2 get it ask ur frns )

Hobbies(I told Writing,music ,dance -he asked wat kind of writing I said not on daily basis but I note down things I wud like 2 read later....few self composed poems n articles & newspaper cuttings etc etc.....)

He asked few mor ques regarding this....(I was ready with question like wich latest article u’ve written frm? Where? n wat pasted? n all)....asked few mor ques from Cv..

...about relocation....about HCL foundation...jus checking communication skills........

*ALSO prepare ur seminar topic “Well”....they ask u if ur 6th sem is over!

*do prepare a Subject of interest...(for EC students Digital elec will do OR microprocessor)

*rest even luck matters...Be genuine alwayz...(it reflects)

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