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Founded in 1994 as a division of Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, Cognizant Technology Solutions began doing large-scale full life cycle software projects. CTS works in fields related e-business and application management. CTS is also engaged in offshore development and provide services in other fields like wireless, data warehousing and euro-compliance. They also service varied industries like healthcare, finance, information services, retail and restaurant and telecom.


The written test had d following format. The paper was from Merit Trac
English (20 mins)
- 2 Reading Comprehension
- Find the incorrect sentences
- Find the correct sentences
- Jumbled sentences which u have to arrange in an order SECTION - II (30 mins)
-5 ques on Binary nos
( if 1 is replaced by $ and 0 by * so how is lcm of 56,45 represented as ? )
-Problem on Cubes
-3 sums on maths
-Statement and Assumptions
-a problem on Venn Diagram
-Puzzle (arrangements problems) SECTION - III (20 mins)
-Statement - Conclusion
-find the decision sentence from d given sentence much like statement conclusion but u got to read n interpret instead of drawing venn diagrams
-Pick the odd one out
- Fig coming next in d series
- one puzzle again

The written test was preceded by filling up d ans sheet wid some details. v ver told der was no negative marking and der was sectional cutoff. the time is very less for each section esp for english so pls speed up n attempt those ques first that u know n leave d ques u dnt know for some last min wild guesses. in eng do RC in d end only else u vl lose a lot of time in dat.

here r some conversations I remember from d intervw.

Interviewer : So u have written here @ ssc n hsc percentage rite? u have done BCA?
Me : yes sir
Interviewer : So purvi , Tell me something @ urself
Me : I spoke academics, family background, strength weakness, hobbies
Interviewr:Have u done any proj in bca ?
Me: yes a minor proj
Interviewr:tell me @ data proj.explain
Me : I explained d whole thing... blah blah
Interviewr:whose idea was there behind d proj?
Me : mine initially
Interviewr:Have u done any proj in MCA?
Me : yes n explained d whole thing
he was not much convinced so asked me more @ d proj n a ill bit technical details @ d proj.I explained well again.
Interviewr:Are u ready to travel in ne part of India?
Me : initially yes sir .I don't have any problem in wherever ur company sends me Interviewr:Why CTS?
Me: It has been my dream co since d first day of my college.whn my senrs told data dey r placed in cogni on orientation day I was inclined to know more abt it. I also explained a lil bit abt my fav subject on compilers n all. He also asked me about having A.Cs in classrooms n all n appreciated d environment of our college
Interviewr:What d u know abt cognizant
Me : I have heard a lot of positive feedbacks from my sends n work satisfaction n all.... Interviewr:How d u keep urself updated wid latest technology
Me : I said I read technology magazines in my college library n get newsletters on technology.dnt rely much on internet for it. magazines r a good medium for me I spoke a lot abt d company as it being my dream co.
Interviewr:Do u have ne questions to ask?
Me : Yes sir, I wud like to know abt@ training prog in ur co.. n if our duration of training can b shortened based on our performance evaluation.
He explained me why its not posb in their co. n also told me dat v get to learn from employees of their co who have 5-11 yrs of work exp.
Me : May I knw ur name sir?
He told me his name
Interviewr:All the best Purvi!
Me : Thank u sir

They selected 60 students out of 146!!!


Cognizant paper consists of three sections they are
1)verbal 25 questions 20 minutes
2)analytical 25 questions 30 minutes
3)attention 20 questions 20 minutes

verbal consists of
choose the correct sentences among given sentences
choose the incorrect sentences among given sentences (I cant remember the questions but they give mostly on articles,prepositions etc.Know Differences between affect effect like des words.) Jumbled sentences
two reading comprehension passages(global warming really tough one n about whales and hunters this was easy) time is the major factor .I could not have time for rc.

Analytical section:
in a class there are 150 people who speak english n 125 people who speak hindi.55 speak both languages n atleast one student speaks one language
1)-how many students speak atleast one language?(220)
2)how many people speak only one language?(165)

in a class every one will play atleast one sport viz table tennis,cricket n badminton.73 students play table tennis,79 play badminton,75 play cricket and 25 students play both tt n badminton,24 play both tt n cricket 30 play badminton n cricket n16 students play all d sports
3)how many students r der in d class(161)
4)how many students play only cricket.(37)

der is another question related to venn is same as first one....

In a certain language * represents 0 n $ represents 1.
Answer the follewing questions
5) 389+91($$$$*****)
6)lcm of($*$*,$*$**,$*$*$) (420)
7) avg of (10,20,21) ($***$)
8)420 ($$*$**$**)

A is the son of B A+B A is the father of B A-B A is the brother of B A*B

a)P is the Uncle of R like this 4 options ll b given.U should choose d correct one

11)P*Q+R 12)P+Q-R

A cube is cut into 216 parts.the 2nd 4th n 6th layers of the front face r removed n den painted black.Now answer d following questions
13)How many cubes r painted on only one side?
14)how many cubes r painted on only 2 sides?
15)how many cubes r painted on onlly 3 sides?
16)how many cubes r painted on only 4 sides?
17)how many cubes r painted 0 sides?

Data sufficency questions
c)only condition 1 is required to solve
d)only condition 2 is required to solve
e)both r required
f)both r not sufficent

18)find whether X is odd
1) 2*X is even
2) x^2 is odd
A)c B)d C)e D)f

19)how many seconds does a minute hand takes to rotate 360 degrees
1)minute hand revolves round the cloch 5 times in a minute
2)minute hand is 5 times greater thar short hand some other quest ions similar to d above

20)der r 4 cities A,B,C,D.Der r 4 Routes 4m A 2 B,3 routes 4m B 2 C,n 2 routes 4m C 2 D.den in how many different ways can A go 2 D

Attention Section Choose the correct option base on the following statement If tendukkar plays till end india will win d match
a)tendulkar plays till end
b)India wins the match
c)Tendulkar falls cheaply
d)India loses d match
A)ab B)ab n cd C)b D)d

If X travels without a ticket he will b fined 50 bucks
a)X buys d ticket
b)X w2as not fined
c)X doesn't buy a ticket
d)x was fined)
A)ab B)cd C)ab n cd D)none

Some questions like
1)all A's r B's
2)All B's r C's then choose d correct option based on the above statements

1)all tables r chairs
2)some tables r desks

1)no mammels r animals
2)some animals r goats find the odd figure out

8 people A,B,C,D,E,F,G n H,lives in 4 storyed building which contains 2 flats each.flats number 7 n 8 belongs to 4th floor from left to right.flats 3 n 4 are second floor from the bottom and are numbered right to r 5 n 6 which lies on second floor from the top.1st and 2nd are the first floors numbered left to right.A n E stays on the second floor from the bottom.F lies one floor above B,which is one floor above C. three question were asked based on the given problem.


Before giving the pattern pls note these imp points.u have to fill up some questions before the test.
1.ur sem marks
2.whats ur expectation from cts
3.wats ur long term and short term goals
4.mention some points that u think nedd to be a good software engineer orientation
6.ur strengths and weakness
7.hobbies and extra curricular activities

They will surely ask questions from above when u go to pls be prepared for the answers.


1.Verbal(25Q 25min)
5 correct sentence,5 incorrect sentence,jumbled sentence,2 passages
my advice is not to do the reading passage the correct incorrect sentence. then come to passage.u will have no time to read the passage.

2.Analytical(25Q 30min)
venn diagram(5) its simple u can do it .FIRST DO VENN DIAGRAM decimal to binary conversion(5).the ques will be like this.0 replaced with * and 1 replaced with $.PLS DONT GET CONFUSED BY READING REST OF THE QUES.just do DEC TO BIN CONVERSION and replace by symbols.thats all.
eg: avg(70,170,270).just do the average and then convert to binary
similarly lcm(20,40,80) just do lcm and convert to binary data sufficiency (5Q) pls refer RS aggarval

3.Non verbal
odd figure(5),next figure(5),Logical deduction(5),puzzle.
for logical deduction pls refer rs agarval its the nine rules given for syllogisms.odd fig and next fig out is very easy.

212 candidates appeared for test.102 cleared the test.48 cleared the interview.,



The test was very consisted of 3 sections...
1) Verbal 20 questions 25 minutes This section was very easy ...just average knowledge of english is enough
2) Quantitative 25 questions 30 minuites easy section-questions from R.S.Agarwal Verbal And Non Verbal.
3) Analysis questions 25 questions 20 minuites easy section-questions from R.S.Agarwal Verbal And Non Verbal. this section requires a lot of concentratrion to successfully overcome the figure problems...

411 wer selected for interview scheduled on 18th march 2007

Technical/HR interview...

ME: gud mornin
HR: Good Mornin
HR: introduce ur self
ME: :Bla Bla..
HR: Diff b/w Mallloc and Calloc..
ME : Said...
HR: What is Faraday's law...
ME: :Don't kno...
HR: Wats the workin or tube light..
ME: I said ....
HR: Talk abt step wave form
ME: said..
HR: Your fav subject....
ME: Data stru...
HR: why
ME: becoz its our core paper...and ultimate core programmin...contains locgical storages..etc bla bla...
HR: Explain Stack and Q
ME: answed..
ME: Bla bla...
HR: Whas ur strenght and Weakness..
ME: said...while answerin weakness make weakness a positive one...
HR:If there is any quarrel in ur team how would u handle it...
ME: said...
HR: write a program to print fibanocii series...
ME: wrote it.... to get noticed u can make ur own C/C++/JAVA...i did it in JAVA
HR:how do u overlook ur self in 3years..
ME: said...

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