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PAPER1, feb 007

There were 50 objective type questions to be done in 60 minutes.
There was also one subjective section of 5 questions. The objective were pretty easy and all of them were on C programming.
There were 5-7 objectives on OS and few on networking but they had mainly focussed on programming.
The subject questions were on writing a simple code on function pointers and declaring a 2d array using malloc. There was one question on link list reversal. One question was to tell the error the program has. That's it.


a few questions from the paper are as follows:

a) give the declaration of a array of function taking
int etc etc
b) give the prototype of the function
c) give the output of the following function
x= 7;
y = 9;
y += x++;
whats the value of x and y

d) one question related to clock, basicallly the
angle between the minute hand and hour hand

e) built a finite state automata for accepting even
number of 'a' and 'b' , 0 is even

f) given a tree, write a algo to find whether its a
binary search tree or not

g) there was a question related with the traversal of

The paper was easy and the time they allocated was
1:45 minutes


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